Bulkhead Fittings/Tank Connectors - Metric

Swimfix Ltd

SKU: 7026181

The sizes of these are shown with the smooth metric side - Outer Diameter/ Inner diameter and the threaded side is BSP - British Standard pipe.

Here are the actual dimensions of the threaded side to guide you:

20mm inner dia/25mm outer dia x 3/4" BSP - which measures 26.2mm OD.

25mm inner dia/32mm outer dia x 1" BSP - which measures 33mm OD.

32mm inner dia/40mm outer dia x 1 1/4" BSP - which measures 41.4mm OD

40mm inner dia/50mm outer dia x 1 1/2" BPS - which measures 55.35mm OD

50mm inner dia/63mm outer dia x 2" BSP - which measures 59.43mm OD

63mm inner dia/75mm outer dia x 2 1/2" BSP which measures 75.65mm OD

These are PVC-U to EN-1452-3, using ISO/TR 7473 quality standards.

Glue socket x glue spigot fixed back-nut with rubber seal and lock-nut.

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