AG pumps - AG8, AG10, AG14 & AG16 - from £282 inc. VAT

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Our prices include VAT and delivery to most parts of the UK, and we ship these quickly from our own stocks!  If you require delivery to an offshore address, or to the far North of the UK, please check delivery costs with us before ordering.

The AG series of swimming pool and pond pumps is well known throughout the industry for reliability and performance. These have been made by manufacturers such as ITT, Lowara, HydroAir and Balboa, but are now built carefully by Plastica in the UK.   

This pump is a self-priming design, and produces great flow rates quietly and efficiently. 

The AG series benefits from the following - 

    - Great Performance and reliability,

    - Easy Installation

    - Silent Operation

    - Low power consumption

    - 2m Pre-wired cable

    - 2 1/4" BSP external thread fitment.

    There are four models, with hourly flow rates ranging from 8m3 to 16m3, depending on your pool layout. The motor ratings are shown as P1 - the input rating, and P2 - the output rating after friction losses etc. 

    - AG8-2DC - P1 0.29kw/0.39hp - P2 0.19kw/0.25hp

    - AG10-2DC - P1 0.36kw/0.48hp - P2 0.25kw/0.33hp

    - AG14-2DC - P1 0.49kw/0.66hp - P2 0.37kw/0.50hp

    - AG16-2DC - P1 0.67kw/0.90hp - P2 0.49kw/0.66hp

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