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The AG series of swimming pool pumps is well known throughout the industry for its reliability and performance.  Your pump maybe labelled as a Hydroair or ITT AG pump, the latest model is manufactured by Plastica Pools in the UK.

This pump is self priming, producing great flow rates and economy, with close to silent operation.

Key benefits of the AG series include

    - Great Performance

    - Easy Installation

    - Silent Operation

    - Low power consumption

    - 2m Pre-wired cable

    - 2 1/4" BSP external thread fitment.

    We can supply you with unions, glue and fitments to get you up and running in no time at all. The AG series is made up of 4 models as listed below, please be sure to select the appropriate one when ordering. All AG models are 230V single phase, 50Hz. 

    Below are the specifications for the different models. P1 showing the initial output, and P2 showing output after friction and loss. P2 is the output used generally through the industry.

    - AG8-2DC - P1 0.29kw/0.39hp - P2 0.19kw/0.25hp

    - AG10-2DC - P1 0.36kw/0.48hp - P2 0.25kw/0.33hp

    - AG14-2DC - P1 0.49kw/0.66hp - P2 0.37kw/0.50hp

    - AG16-2DC - P1 0.67kw/0.90hp - P2 0.49kw/0.66hp

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