Dolphin Wave 100 pool cleaner @ £3,240 inc VAT - Happy Easter!

Swimfix Ltd


Dolphin Wave 100 -  Special price here now for the Spring!

Here is a great machine in the Dolphin commercial pool cleaner range - the Wave 100, for commercial or heavy domestic use and public swimming pools.

This cleaner is excellent in commercial pools up to 25m in length, offering fantastic results on both pool floor and walls; use the remote control to select floor or wall cleaning programmes and cycle times.

Here are the main features of the Wave 100 machines - they are

    • Great for pools up to 25m in length
    • Fitted with a 30m cable which includes an anti tangle swivel system
    • Fitted with a pump having a high suction rate of 17 cubic metres per hour
    • Super light unit weighs only 12kg - light to carry, easy to manoeuvre
    • Fitted with 'Cleverclean' scanning, ensuring optimum cleaning efficiency
    • Designed to clean pool floors and walls up to the waterline
    • Supplied with a caddy for your convenience, to make storage tidy and help you to move the machine around the pool area
    • Fitted with a remote control - to enable you to take over for a while, or to adjust settings or functions on the machine.

    This machine is offered with two roller options, so you can choose the best fitment for your pool surface. From your selection your machine will be fitted with one set of either Wonderbrushes or Combination brushes, to operate as follows:

    • Wonderbrushes - these foam rollers (not shown in this photo) are the standard fitment for pools with tiled surfaces. The soft foam offers better grip and directional control on smooth glazed finishes.
    • Combination brushes - with PVC fingers as photographed above - are the best fitment on liners, concrete surfaces and GRP lined pools.

    Please use the drop-down box to confirm the brush-type that you need. 

    Choosing a pool cleaner? Certikin International Ltd, who are the UK main distributor of these, have their own team of Maytronics-trained engineers to make sure that they are kept fully up to date on these great machines. Through them we can offer you the best care and support for the life of your Dolphin pool cleaner. This model is backed by a 36 month/3000 factory warranty.

    We include VAT and delivery to most parts of the UK in our price below.