Dolphin pool cleaner Foam Wonder Brush Set (2 foam rollers, one per axle)

Swimfix Ltd

SKU: SPDT244/2

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Here we have a brand new set of 2 Genuine Dolphin Pool Cleaner Foam Wonderbrushes fom the factory - Maytronics.   These are made of white foam for added grip on tiled pool surfaces, so the Dolphin can manoeuvre and control itself better.

These fit the Dolphin D3001, some older Dolphin M400 (2 brush model), and some Wave 50 machines.  Dolphin cleaners have one-piece or split rollers per axle  - please check yours before ordering. We list and supply these as one full set per machine.


On the M400, undo two screws in the handle and four in each side case and gently remove side cases to expose the drive tracks and rollers. Carefully remove the drive tracks to release the roller, and then gently pull the end-stop off the spindle and slide off the roller. You can then slide the used roller cover off and replace with a new one, re-assembling the roller when complete. Simply assemble rollers and side cases carefully, noting that the idler wheels have four cut-outs on one side and should face inwards. 

On the Wave 50 and 100, undo the screws that attach the handle to the machine. Place the machine upside down on a work bench and remove the base plate. Undo two screws to release the white shroud over the motor. The side cases are secured by screws that need to undone from the inside by placing a screwdriver beside the motor - people with big hands might find this tight for space!

Undo all of the case screws and gently remove both side cases. Carefully remove the tracks, idler wheels and both rollers. Simply slide the worn foam  off the roller and fit a new one in its place. Re-assemble rollers, idler wheels and the drive wheel carefully and refit side cases, making sure that the tracks move without snagging. Done!