Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaner

Swimfix Ltd


Here is the latest model Barracuda Suction Cleaner, the R3 from Zodiac

The latest model of these great Baracuda cleaners is here! After making these cleaners for years, and selling them in thousands, Zodiac now have the best ever version of the Baracuda cleaner, the R3.

These are simple, yet incredibly effective pool cleaners, which connect to your pool's vacuum point, or just plug the pipe into the skimmer under the basket. Why clean your pool manually when you could let the R3 do it for you!?

With this design of pool cleaner the debris in the pool is vacuumed straight into the filter. If you use a clarifier or flocculant for optimum filter performance, it should trap the debris in the sand filter so when you carry out the next back-wash it is simply flushed away to waste. All gone in about three minutes!

These cleaners are supplied with 10 x 1 metre hoses, which click together with a twist lock mechanism, to prevent a loss of suction.

An accessory pack is supplied to help you get up and running quickly. Simple instructions, stepped vac point adaptor and flow regulator means your pool will be clean before you know it!

Supplied with a 2 year warranty, but this should provide you with many years of happy service, these really are great machines.

Delivery if included FREE to most parts of the UK.