Polaris VacSweep 3900 Sport - Spring offer @ £552

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The Polaris VacSweep 3900 Sport is a sleek and stylish design which offers great performance in pool cleaning.

This model has three jets that give it greater vacuum power and enable it to clean faster. The unique mesh bag removes even very fine debris before it ever reaches the pool's main filter. By removing pool debris before it gets to the sand filter it can reduce the frequency of filter back-washing, saving you water, heat energy and time.

Key Features of the 3900S are;

  • All wheel drive system provides more torque than most other cleaners
  • Durable plastics and stainless steel hardware mean this machine is resilient
  • Easy to remove 5 litre bag collects even the finest debris, and is large enough to reduce the time between stops!
  • Being very manouverable it vacuums and sweeps floors and walls of in-ground pools

The Polaris 3900S is supplied in two versions - pool cleaner head with hoses only, or the complete model with its own boost pump.

Please note - this model is not recommended for use on tiled pools.