MNB Single phase pumps by ACIS

Swimfix Ltd


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Here we offer you these super-efficient MNB pumps - check out these features:

  •  Motor shaft is totally enclosed and made of 316 grade stainless steel,
  •  Motor is resin-encased, made to IP55 Class F rating and carries a 5 year warranty,
  •  This is also S1 rated for continuous use,
  •  Pump body is assembled with 304 grade stainless steel bolts,
  •  Motor bearings are double sealed,
  •  Pump is resistant to salt treatment and sea water,
  •  Ultra quiet operation!
  •  Interchangeable with Certikin HPS pumps, sharing the same wet-end dimensions for connection to your pipes.


Choose from the sizes shown here:

  •  MNB 033M - 0.33hp - Single Phase
  •  MNB 050M - 0.50hp - Single Phase
  •  MNB 075M - 0.75hp - Single Phase
  •  MNB 100M - 1.00hp - Single Phase
  •  MNB 150M - 1.50hp - Single Phase