White Pipe in 1m lengths - Imperial PVC-U

Swimfix Ltd

SKU: 0180110

Here is our White Imperial PVC-U pressure pipe, for use with our full range of white PVC-U fittings.

We supply this in 1.0 metre lengths for the price below. On large orders we might be able to supply pipe in 3 metre lengths by special arrangement - please call us to discuss.

This white PVC-U pipe is Class D - PN12, made to high standards such as EN 1452-3, using materials to ISO/TR 7473 or higher.

Dimensions -

* 1 1/2" Pipe - Outer Diameter 1.9 inches (48mm), Inner diameter 1.7 Inches (43mm), Wall thickness 0.1 Inch (2.5mm) approx

* 2" Pipe - Outer Diameter 2.4 Inches (60mm), Inner diameter 2.1 Inches (53.8mm), wall thickness 0.14 inches (3.1mm) approx