Hexagone Chrono MP3 - buy here from £4650 + VAT!

Swimfix Ltd

SKU: Chrono M-1

  • Everyone can use the Chrono MP3 !

- it's effortless - the Chrono MP3 has a sturdy handle to make it easy to lift out of the pool 

  • Ease of use 

- Hand-held controller gives the user a full range of cleaning options:

  • Colour and dynamic touch screen - a world first
  • Choice between immediate or deferred start mode
  • Several cleaning modes available
  • Confirmation of commands by voice speaker
  • Signs to indicate maintenance needs
  • Self diagnosis and problem indicators
  • Technical Notes accessible by touch screen
  • Choice of cleaning speeds
  • Bluetooth option for connection to a PC or tablet


  •  The Chrono is offered in 3 sizes to suit most commercial pools