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Get your Dolphin Supreme M400 pool cleaner here -  for the pool owner who wants a clean pool without losing hours spent pool sweeping! 

You can see these in action by logging onto You Tube and watching the films from Maytronics (the manufacturer) - simply pop this into the pool and let it go to work!  

We ship these straight to you from stocks held here, usually on a 'next working day' delivery service.

The Dolphin M400 offers you the latest technology in a smart, effective cleaner that is easy to use.  This model will connect to the 'MyDolphin' app on your smartphone or tablet, to give you extra features like weekly timers!

The latest design gives tip-top performance to save you time, keeping your pool super clean for all to enjoy.

Features of the the Dolphin M400 include:

  • 18 metres of cable in a patented design to prevent tangling,
  • a scanning programme offering optimal pool coverage,
  • an operating programme to clean the pool, particularly in dead spots,
  • a 2.5 hour work cycle balanced between cleaning the walls and the floor,
  • fine filter cartridges that trap even tiny dust particles, and are easy to remove, clean and re-install
  • a caddy for easy handling and storage.
  • Combination brushes - which are supplied as standard - are correct for liners, concrete and GRP pools
  • Wonderbrushes are required for pools with glazed tiles - where there is less grip, so please choose this upgrade if your pool is tiled.

The new Supreme M400 operates on a 230v AC power supply. The transformer is supplied with this to convert the mains voltage to a much safer 24v Direct Current for the motor.

The unit is insulated to IP 64 standards. The pump delivers a fabulous flow rate of 17m3 (3524 gph), to lift debris off the pool floor.

If your pool is fitted with small or large tiles, the Wonder-brushes are needed for grip and directional control - so please select this option in your shopping basket below. 

If your pool is fitted with a vinyl liner, or has a concrete or GRP surface, the gel rollers are great for these. 

Water Chemistry! 

Please note that a swimming pool cleaner must be supported by the correct use of pool chemicals, for optimum effects. If disinfectant levels are too low, the pool surfaces can become slimy and a pool cleaner cannot grip, the pool water will quickly stagnate and become cloudy, turning to green as algae becomes established. 

The pH of water simply indicates its acidity or alkalinity, but you need to check the Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels to establish the quantity of hardness salts in the water, so that clarifiers and algaecides can work effectively.

This is supported by a 36 month limited factory warranty.

Our price includes VAT and delivery to most mainland addresses within the UK.