Certikin Hydroswim HPS Pump

Swimfix Ltd


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The Certikin Hydroswim pool pumps are available in the following sizes:

      0.3hp (0.24kW),

      0.5hp (0.37kW),

      0.75hp (0.55kW),

      1.0hp (0.74kW) and

      1.5hp (1.1kW), all single phase  .


     - High hydraulic efficiency,

     - Improved self-priming,

     - One-piece body in durable composite material, 

     - Innovative design with patented strainer basket,

     - Suitable for salt chlorinated pools.


The body of the pump is made of the latest generation of thermoplastics. The pump motors range from 0.33 hp up to 1.5 hp, and are made in single phase versions only. 


A pre-filter is moulded into the body of the pump to reduce the entry of debris that could damage the impellor and other parts of the pump.


The motors fitted to these pumps have been built with IP-55 protection and are adapted to withstand hot conditions and high humidity levels.