Balboa HA440-NG Pumps - from £295 Inc - Buy here!

Swimfix Ltd

SKU: 1023063

This is the latest version of the hugely popular HA440 Magnaflow pumps which are found in many spas and hot-tubs. They have previously been available in a range of three different pump models using the name Hydroair Magnaflow. Generally offered in single and two-speed versions, with the single speed being offered for electric or pneumatic switching.

This model is the Balboa HA440-NG, and is the latest version available in single speed or two-speed, for electric connection only.

Both of these are fitted with 1.5hp (1.3kW) motors, while the two speed version will run at 0.35kW on low speed.

The pipe connections for these are the same as previous versions of the Magnaflow or HA440 pumps, but you may need different gaskets to make a water-tight seal.  

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