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Astral Viron Variable speed Single phase pumps.

Astral's new Viron variable speed pumps are the most efficient solution for swimming pool control. They adjust their performance according to the needs of the pool and its operator.

By increasing and decreasing the pump speed, you not only modify the flow rate but also the energy consumption. For example, halving the speed of the pump reduces the energy consumed by more than 85%. In addition, the Viron pump is controlled through an LCD display showing the motor's RPM, and has 4 timer settings for each day allowing different speed settings.


This is ideal for the average size pool - the P320 has a flow rate sufficient to backwash sand filters up to 800mm in diameter. The LCD display shows the motor RPM and provides up to 4 time periods each day with different speed settings to provide the perfect flow rate for your pool.


The Viron P600 is capable of the most demanding applications with high flow and high pressure while delivering utmost energy efficiency.


In addition the P600 incorporates electronic correction of the power factor to provide even further reductions in power consumption, even at maximum speed.