Dolphin M500 Pool Cleaner - From £1750 inc VAT

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The Dolphin M500 - be quick and get one while stocks last at this special price!

The Dolphin M500 pool cleaner has a remote control unit - use the joystick to guide the robot into tricky corners in your pool! This robot is ideal in private pools up to 12 metres long.

The Dolphin M500 pool cleaner offers efficient, unsupervised operation to clean your pool in a three hour cycle-time. Made by Maytronics - check out the great design features:

  • patented swivel design to prevent the cable from tangling,
  • water-line cleaning programme to clean along the pool edge,
  • active brushing with combination brushes,
  • options of operating cycles - 1.5hrs, 2.5hrs or 3.5 hours
  • has the MY DOLPHIN app so the cleaner can be steered by a smart phone AS WELL as having a remote.  You can also set weekly cleaning schedules!
If you are cleaning a tiled pool then you should specify this model fitted with Wonderbrushes, and use the second drop-down box below. A set of Wonderbrushes is usually £199 + VAT, so enjoy a bargain here while stocks last!

    Choosing a pool cleaner? Certikin International (the UK main distributor of these) have their own team of engineers trained at the Maytronics factory in Israel to make sure that they are fully up to date on these, and through them we can offer you the best care and support for the life of your Dolphin pool cleaner. This model is supported by a 36 month factory warranty.

    Please note that a swimming pool cleaner must be supported by the correct use of pool chemicals, for optimum effects. The pH of water simply indicates its acidity or alkalinity, but please check also the Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels, so that clarifiers and algaecides can work effectively.


    The Dolphin M500 is supported by a 36 month factory warranty.

    Enjoy one of these at our very special prices - and they include VAT.