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Dolphin M200 -  Limited numbers at this special price - hurry!

This powerful robot cleaner great for small swimming pools up to 10 metres, or 33 feet long.

This self diagnostic pool robot has been superbly designed to win back your leisure time! The operating programme makes sure that it offers superior brushing and cleaning of a pool bottom and corners, combined with a high flow rate through the filter to keep your pool clean.

Advantages of the M200 are:

  • they have extra powerful brushing performance,
  • brush and vacuum a pool in only 3 hours,
  • the super-fine filter-bag collects even very small particles,
  • light weight and easy to carry - at only 8.5kg dry, it's great for ladies
  • no pre-installation work needed- you just plug it in and press 'Go'!

The M200 is supplied with 18 metres of cable and requires a 230V AC power supply to the transformer which converts the power to 24 V DC.

The suction flow-rate is 16m3 per hour (3,524 gph) and the power supply is insulated to IP 64 standards. It is programmed with a 3 hour cleaning cycle time.

Please note that a swimming pool cleaner must be supported by the correct use of pool chemicals, for optimum effects. The pH of water simply indicates its acidity or alkalinity, but please check also the Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels, so that clarifiers and algaecides can work effectively.

These are supported by a 24 month factory warranty.

Our price includes VAT and mainland delivery to most addresses within the UK.