Dolphin Bio Pool Cleaner - from £2292 Inc VAT - Buy now!

Swimfix Ltd


Do you have a Bio pool, natural pool, eco-pool, organic pool, or however you wish to describe it - they are becoming more popular as people care more about the environment and reduce their chemical consumption accordingly.

- The triple action brush head actively scrubs dirt, algae and bacteria from your bio pools surface even if slippery or uneven.

- Versatile cleaning options include internal filtration and option to use your pools vacuum line to improve performance even further!

- Gyro and smart sensors scan your pool area to calculate the most efficient route to take, and thoroughly covers all areas of your pool.

- Weekly timers gives an automated cleaning schedule - this makes it even easier to keep your pool clean!

- 2, 3 or 4 hour cleaning cycles

- 18 metres of heavy duty cable is supplied with this,

- A caddy and remote control is included as standard ,

- This is supported by a 2 Year standard warranty (excludes brushes)

We include VAT in our prices, and we will ship this to most parts of the UK for free. Scottish Highlands or off shore addresses might require an additional shipping cost, please contact us for more info!